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Monthly Archives: December 2022


Cryptocurrency – Finding It And Dividing It In A Divorce

By Melissa Davis |

Cryptocurrency is more than the just the latest trend to invest in (or not). It is also being used by soon-to-be former spouses to hide assets during a complex financial divorce. Crypto is tricky because it can be hard to locate, as it doesn’t really exist on a physical level. You can’t hold crypto… Read More »

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Founding Partner Melissa Davis Honored to Argue on Behalf of a Client Before The Supreme Court of Georgia

By Melissa Davis |

Recently, I had the incredible honor of arguing on behalf of one of Buckhead Family Law’s clients before the Supreme Court of Georgia, defending the constitutionality of Georgia’s grandparent visitation statute. It was a humbling experience to appear before Georgia’s highest court and a great reminder of the significance of the work we do… Read More »

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