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Child Support may seem like one of the most uncomplicated and most straightforward issues to resolve in your divorce. Since you enter income and there is a statutory formula to reach the monthly amount, it should be simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Numerous issues require special attention when you’re calculating child support under the Georgia guidelines, even if you’ve figured out the statutory amount. The reason is a judge can alter the support amount if either party can convince them there’s a valid reason for the deviation. When you’re trying to figure out child support, an Alpharetta child support lawyer can help.

Buckhead Family Law can help you resolve child support issues, child custody, property division, alimony, and more. We devote the attention and time necessary to ensure that your child is well-supported but that your rights are also protected. To learn more about child support in Georgia, contact Buckhead Family Law to schedule a consultation.

The Georgia Child Support Guidelines rely on the income shares model when deciding on the amount of child support to award. This model looks at both parents’ income, how many children need to be supported, and other related factors, plugging them into the Georgia statutory formula to generate the presumptive monthly amount that the noncustodial parent will need to pay.

Buckhead Family Law can help you with this process in multiple ways. To start, we can make sure all parties properly report all income. Both spouses are legally obligated to report all income sources, including salaries, tips, commissions, overtime pay, bonuses, capital gains, interest and dividend income, unemployment benefits, annuity income, and more. When you look at all the schedules, worksheets, and tables, you’ll see how calculating child support can become complicated quickly.

In situations where one or both spouses are self-employed, have business interests, or are investors in other businesses, it may be easier to find creative ways to underreport or hide income. You hope that your spouse will declare all their income and ensure marital assets are disclosed, but it’s not uncommon for some people to hide or liquidate assets in a divorce. Fortunately, we have experience working with skilled forensic accountants who are experts in tracking down hidden accounts and assets.

When the court looks at the presumptive guideline amount, it’s still only a guideline. The court can raise or lower the amount if particular circumstances justify the deviation, and the change would be in the best interest of your children. If you are requesting the court deviate from the standard amount, our Alpharetta child support lawyers can help you prepare arguments and present the strongest case possible to support your position. In some cases, couples may agree on an amount for child support that is not the same as the Georgia guidelines. The court will still need to approve it.

To learn more about child support amounts in Georgia and determine the statutory amount in your case, contact Buckhead Family Law today. Meet with one of our Alpharetta child support lawyers to help you with all your family law needs.

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