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When you have questions about family law matters, Buckhead Family Law is here to answer them. We are here to help you move forward, no matter how complex or big the problem might seem right now. With over a decade of family law experience in Georgia, you can count on our Alpharetta family lawyers to provide you with invaluable advice and professional representation. Our top priority is to protect your rights while acting in the best interests of you and your family.


The Alpharetta divorce lawyers at Buckhead Family Law can help you secure a contested or uncontested divorce in Georgia. We can help you resolve any outstanding issues such as property division, child custody, child support, and alimony. We can also help you draft or review prenuptial or postnuptial agreements as well. If you cannot reach an agreement, our legal team will be there to represent you in court and protect your interests.

Alpharetta Modifications and Enforcement

If your divorce is final and you need to return to court to seek a modification order, or you need assistance with enforcing the existing court orders, Buckhead Family Law can help. Sometimes circumstances change, and you need to modify custody or visitation, ask for an increase in spousal support, or reduce payments if you are the spouse responsible for making support payments.

Paternity and Legitimation in Georgia

Establishing a child’s parentage is necessary. Determining the father will establish fundamental rights for your child and responsibilities for the other parent. You can ask for child support payments and set up a custody and visitation plan. Buckhead Family Law represents fathers, mothers, and other interested parties in the complex two-step paternity and legitimation process in Georgia family courts.

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Georgia law classifies assault, battery, or any other felony that happened between former or current spouses, people who have children together, parents and their children, or any other household members, as domestic violence. It’s imperative to know that someone can be guilty of assault in Georgia by threatening you or taking another action that leaves you in fear of being harmed, provided the person intended to create the fear and can carry out these threats. Assault doesn’t require actual violence or physical contact.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, we can assist in helping you secure a temporary restraining order and represent you in the subsequent hearing for a Family Violence Protection Order.

Grandparent Visitation in Georgia

Georgia law gives grandparents greater rights than some other states, recognizing the importance of kids maintaining a close relationship with their grandparents, even if the parents get divorced. In Georgia, grandparents can apply for visitation rights or intervene in ongoing court actions such as a pending divorce or custody modification action.

Contact an Alpharetta Family Law Attorney

If you need assistance with any type of Georgia family law matter, let our Alpharetta family law attorneys help. Contact Buckhead Family Law today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our dedicated and professional lawyers.

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