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After a Georgia judge enters a final divorce decree, several accompanying court orders will determine matters such as alimony, child custody, child support, and the division of marital property. Even though these matters are supposed to be final when the court orders are entered, you can request a modification for them, except the property division order. Post-divorce modifications require a significant change in circumstances. The judge is not going to modify the order just because you don’t like the outcome. You will need to go back to court and prove that the new facts justify the change request.

If your ex opposes the request for modification, the matter will need to be litigated with the court. This process is not something you should go through alone; you need an experienced Alpharetta modifications lawyer who can help. The legal team at Buckhead Family Law has over a decade of experience with Georgia divorce and requests for modification.

Child support awards in Georgia are usually determined according to the Georgia Child Support Guidelines. However, courts have the discretion to deviate when necessary because of parental circumstances or a child’s needs. If one spouse has a significant change in circumstances or something major is happening with your child, the court may grant the modification request. Examples include loss of a job or a child who develops a serious health condition.

Material conditions that affect the current child custody order could justify a modification, especially when they involve your child’s welfare and are no longer in your child’s best interests. Parents can change certain aspects of parenting time, but it’s crucial to have major modifications approved by the court. Going through the court ensures that your child custody order is enforceable and that both parents are complying with the order.

One example of child custody modifications often involves relocations. A relocation request is when the primary custodial parent needs or wants to move beyond a particular range. Even if you have custody, you cannot move out of state without the court’s approval. Your ex will likely oppose the move, which means you will need to prove to the court why this move is justified or should be denied.

Like child support, alimony awards can also be increased or reduced after your divorce if there is a significant change in circumstances. If the recipient spouse has started living with another partner, is engaged in a romantic or sexual relationship, or remarries are causes for a modification. However, proving some of these may be challenging, which is one reason why you need an experienced Alpharetta modifications lawyer on your side.

Sometimes, you don’t need to modify an order, but you just need to enforce it. When your ex is not paying the support as ordered or they refuse to adhere to the child custody and visitation orders, then you need an attorney to help you file an enforcement order with the court.

If you need assistance with a Georgia family law modification or enforcement order, let our Alpharetta modification lawyers help. Contact Buckhead Family Law today to schedule an initial consultation.

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