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Master of her Craft

Ms. Davis recently represented me in my divorce. She was extremely prompt and detailed in her follow up. She is extremely passionate about protecting her clients and will represent you, and your family, with unparalleled excellence. Her knowledge and experience with Georgia Family Law is superior. Ms. Davis understands the turmoil that divorce can bring upon a family and provides strong emotional support through the process. She continuously checked on me, and my children, to ensure our well being and did so with genuine care. She will fight to do what is best for your family and provides accurate, strong advice. She will walk you through the entire process of what should be expected, leaving no stones unturned. She maintains a very strong handle on your case and there was never a time that she was not able to answer questions or offer practical solutions. I would highly recommend Ms. Davis for her ability and level of integrity.


Exceeds Expectations: Top Notch Outcomes and Experience

I came to Melissa Davis with a complicated situation – in short, I wanted a divorce but I also need protections put in place for my children. While a different lawyer with whom I had previously consulted led me to believe that the protections needed would be impossible, the outcomes that Melissa Davis was able to achieve exceeded my expectations.

A consummate professional, she readily understood my situation. She acted with empathy, and she recommended solutions. She held my hand throughout the process, readily responding to questions and concerns while also maximizing results under a reasonable retainer.

I don’t wish divorce or the need for legal intervention on anyone. That said, if you do need a family law attorney, you cannot do better than Melissa Davis.


Wonderful lawyer both professionally and personally

Melissa is a fantastic family lawyer. I know for a fact that I could not have gotten through my protracted divorce without her expertise and kindness. Melissa did everything in her power to explain my options while trying to keep costs down, which is for my benefit and not hers. Melissa was also friendly and made sure that there was time for issues that came up that were pertinent but not 100% law related and that definitely helped me during this stressful time. I cannot think of any advice that did not benefit me in the short and long term (2 years later). I know for a fact that it was her advice that got my divorce to end early and prevent a drawn out trial. Melissa is also still available to me for quick questions.

I would definitely continue to hire Melissa for any family law needs, and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help in this area. She is great lawyer, and a more wonderful human being, and her clients benefit greatly form that.


Effective and knowledgeable

I was recommended by a close friend to use Melissa as my attorney during a recent divorce. I can not say enough good things about her knowledge, effectiveness and customer service. I was able to come away with everything I had hoped, and in a timely fashion. She was always quick to respond, which is so important during such a stressful and emotional time. She ensured the process continued to move forward, with no lag time. Going through a divorce is tough as it is, but knowing you have a capable attorney to navigate the waters is so imperative.
I highly recommend Melissa!!


Genuinely caring and honest Attorney for my custody case

Melissa did an awesome job with my case, she was not only upfront and honest with me but she genuinely cared about me as a person and my son as if he were her own. Her honesty kept me from spending more than I would if I had an Attorney who was more concerned about the money than their client. Melissa is one who has a heart for her clients which is hard to find in a lawyer these days. We settled my case in February and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Most importantly, my son is happy. I would highly recommend using her!


So much more than a great attorney

Melissa is the most passionate, caring attorney I know and I come from a family full of them. In a situation that is stressful and upsetting she is such a bright light to guide you through it. She takes the time to know you and will go above and beyond to help you. Even after she was no longer my attorney she would still call to check on my daughter and I. I wasn’t happy about needing a family law attorney but so glad to have met her.


Professional and friendly lawyer

Melissa was there with me every step of the way during my divorce. I met with several lawyers before hiring her and chose her because of the immediate connection and trust I felt after we met. I needed someone I could count on and she proved to be the best fit. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone going through the pain of a divorce or separation.


Absolutely Amazing

I am so happy to be the first of many positive reviews to come for Melissa! I have had a string of terrible attorneys that has cost me THOUSANDS of dollars. As a single mother I am probably going to be in debt for the rest of my life because of these terrible lawyers that have drained me of every penny. I am happy to say Melissa was not one of those attorneys. She took my case at the very last minute. Worked day and night to get up to speed with what was going on with my case. Talked to text me almost everyday to talk about her thoughts and options on my case. She even text me on a Sunday. She was honest, smart and relentless. She did everything in her power to keep the cost down without jeopardizing the quality of her work. She was in an amazing negotiator and saved me thousands of dollars. The most important thing was she help me keep my daughter. Which is priceless. Anyone that is in family court knows how important the outcome is on these type of cases. You are dealing with the livelihood of your children. Nothing is more important. Melissa made me feel as though I was her only client. If I had a question she got back to me immediately. This is the first time in three years that I have been satisfied with an outcome from the negotiation with my ex. I couldn’t be more happy with Melissa. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs representation in Family Court. I’ll be honest since my case was in Cherokee county which is the good old boy system I was reluctant to hire an attorney not from the area. However Melissa came in and showed my exes attorney who is the boss. The reason I added that information is because after having such a terrible experience with two other attorneys I read through so many reviews on so many different attorneys and I hope this can help someone pick the right attorney. That attorney would be Melissa Davis


More than just a great lawyer

Melissa helped me get through a very difficult time. The advice she gave me along the way was invaluable. I always felt she had my best interests at heart, I am grateful to have her in my corner. She is the best.


The Best Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

If you are going through a divorce and need an attorney that will listen to you, talk you off the ledge but still aggressively protect your time with your kids and your assets, you need to hire Melissa.


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