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At Buckhead Family Law, our Atlanta postnuptial agreement lawyers are diligent, reliable advocates for our clients. We have the skills and knowledge to negotiate, draft, review, or litigate a postnuptial agreement. If you have any questions about postnuptial agreements in Georgia, we are more than happy to help. Call our Atlanta law office today for a strictly confidential, no obligation consultation.

You are probably more familiar with prenuptial agreements than you are with postnuptial agreements. The key difference between these two types of marital agreement is that a postnup is written and signed after a couple officially ties the knot.

Nonetheless, the purposes and legal standards of these two types of agreements are relatively similar: A postnuptial agreement defines each spouse’s rights and responsibilities related to their property and debts should they get divorced.

In other words, a married couple can use a postnuptial agreement to pre-determine who gets what in the event of a separation. As unromantic as it may be, a postnup can be a useful tool for a married couple to reduce their risks and bring more certainty should their relationship sour. 

Postnuptial agreements are heavily regulated in Georgia. To hold up in court, a postnup must meet very specific legal standards. First and foremost, a postnup cannot be used to resolve issues related to child custody, child visitation, or child support. Those types of rights and responsibilities cannot be contracted away.

Postnups are an appropriate venue for property/debt division issues. Notably, a postnuptial agreement is not enforceable in Georgia if it is signed under duress, material misrepresentation were made, or the terms of the contract are deemed “unfair and unreasonable.” As the standard is relatively strict, each spouse should consult with their own family law attorney when negotiating and reviewing a postnup.

Postnuptial agreements can be complicated. At Buckhead Family Law, we are here to make sure that things are done the right way. Our family lawyers Melissa Davis and Malone W. Allen have deep experience with postnuptial agreements. When you reach out to our Atlanta office, you will have a chance to speak with a Georgia family law attorney who will:

  • Answer your questions about postnuptial agreements; and
  • Assist you with negotiating, drafting, or litigating an agreement.

A postnuptial agreement should not be a “template” document. To ensure that it is enforceable and in your best interests, a postnup must be customized to suit your specific circumstances. Our Atlanta, GA attorneys will put in the time and attention to detail to ensure your rights are protected.

At Buckhead Family Law, our Atlanta family lawyers have deep experience advising clients on postnuptial agreements. If you have questions or concerns about postnuptial agreements, we are available to provide guidance. Contact our firm now for a strictly confidential review of your case. With offices in Atlanta and Marietta, our family law team provides services throughout Georgia.

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