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Atlanta Child Custody Lawyers

MelissaChild custody is one of the most important parts of your divorce. The decisions you make now will affect your children’s entire lives. Buckhead Family Law offers focused, personalized custody representation. We are capable of handling even the most complex cases. We are currently accepting new clients throughout Metro Atlanta: Fulton, DeKalb and all of the surrounding counties. We have the experience, dedication and skill necessary to get the future you deserve for your family. This goes well beyond who gets the kids after divorce, encompassing issues such as education, medical care, major decision-making power and more. Contact us for a consultation at
404-600-1403 or read on for an overview of divorce with children in Georgia.

Can You Get Full Custody of Your Children?

Full custody is possible, but judges tend to need extreme circumstances. This is due to the legal definition of custody. In general terms, a complete custody agreement should include each parent’s duties, responsibilities and privileges. Georgia law divides this into two main parts:

  • Physical custody: This refers to where the child lives, with whom and on what specific schedule.
  • Legal custody: This refers to the power to make decisions about healthcare, education, religion, extracurriculars, social activity and so on.

Your child might live with one parent for the school year, trading off summer breaks between parents. You might decide to trade weekends with your co-parent. You might want to share certain types of decision power while retaining other types for yourself. You might even want to cut a dangerous co-parent out of your child’s life completely. There is no right or wrong choice. Your solution should be as unique as your family.

How Do Courts Decide Custody?

A solid custody strategy would be built to win in open court. The first thing you should know is that there is no presumption (an automatic, contestable legal preference) that favors the father or the mother. In other words, there is no default custody agreement. Instead, the courts consider your case individually, determining the best interests of your children by looking at a variety of factors:

  • The child’s need for stability and continuity
  • The strength of the emotional bond between the child and other family members (parents, siblings, step-siblings, grandparents and so on)
  • The quality of the home environment, including how nurturing and safe it is
  • The detailed history of each parent’s involvement
  • Each parent’s understanding of the child’s needs
  • The ability and disposition of each parent regarding childcare

You need a lawyer to help judges understand your side of the story. Using logical, precise legal language to communicate an emotionally complex parent-child bond: That is just as challenging as it sounds. Of course, not all divorces go to court. A skilled, experienced family lawyer can often show your co-parent precisely how you would win in litigation, thereby avoiding the costly, drawn-out, public process.

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At Buckhead Family Law, your custody strategy starts with the vision you have for your family. Schedule a consultation today by calling 404-600-1403. We look forward to discussing your goals and outlining your legal options in our first meeting.



Melissa and her team are fantastic! She was referred to me by a friend. She handled the paperwork for my divorce quickly and expertly. Her solid reputation was apparent to me when she got signatures and responses from the court very quickly. For such a hard-working lawyer she was always very responsive. When I needed to make specific choices about the settlement (pre-marital property, no children, no co-owned debt), she was very considerate but also got right to the point. She kept the entire process on track; the time from initial complaint to finalization was about three months (depending on your marriage, timeline may vary).


I highly recommend Melissa to represent you in your divorce proceedings. Melissa represented me during my recent divorce. She is incredibly knowledgeable of Georgia State and family law. Melissa always put the needs of my children and family first. She was always prepared to answer questions, financial, custodial, or parental rights related. She is an advocate for children and never once missed a birthday or wellness check. This was incredibly important at a time of extensive duress. I am forever grateful for the outcome she was able to deliver for my family. I felt valued as a client, and most importantly, a person.


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