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Atlanta Divorce Lawyers

Buckhead Family Law is a divorce & family law firm with offices in Atlanta and Marietta. We provide winning strategy and tenacious advocacy in Fulton, DeKalb and the surrounding Atlanta-area counties. We offer experience, skill and personal attention from our attorneys. Our divorce practice helps families resolve complex, emotionally-charged disputes. Our goal is to secure the most favorable asset-division arrangements, custody plans and support agreements possible for our clients.

Filing a No-Fault Divorce in Georgia

Before filing, the first step is determining the legal foundation that will best serve your divorce goals. This reason is called the “grounds”. Georgia allows one no-fault grounds: an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Please do not confuse “no-fault” with “non-contested”. You still need an experienced divorce lawyer to confirm the fairness of the deal.

The 12 Grounds for At-Fault Divorce

Another option is to prove your spouse was at fault for the breakdown in your marriage. Your success filing an at-fault divorce would depend on your circumstances, your goals and the quality of the evidence you have (or can gather) against your spouse. The 12 grounds are:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Cruel treatment or violence
  • Undue pressure, force or trickery leading to the marriage
  • Habitual intoxication or drunkenness
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Mental incapacity
  • Incurable mental illness
  • Conviction of a crime of moral turpitude (which might range from issuing bad checks to murder)
  • Impotence at the time of marriage
  • Pregnancy by another man at the time of marriage
  • The marriage was prohibited by law (incest)

Building a Strong Strategy

Complete disclosure between you and your attorney is essential at the planning stage. We have the skill and knowledge to fight for what you deserve, but we are much more effective when we know everything. Specifically, we would want to make sure that you use the right grounds for divorce. Georgia judges will probably deny your divorce if your spouse can provide evidence that shows you:

  • Colluded with your spouse to manufacture grounds,
  • Consented to the action you are using as grounds,
  • Engaged in the same conduct or
  • Passively condoned the conduct while cohabitating.

Following Through

It is not enough to simply build a winning strategy. You have to work to put it into action. Your spouse will probably contest you on at least one of the following points:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

We work with our clients to resolve all of these issues in the most efficient way possible. Not everything has to be a fight, but we are always prepared for one.

Getting the Representation Your Family Deserves

Our firm’s principal attorney and founder, Melissa Davis, is an Atlanta divorce lawyer with over ten years of direct experience resolving high-asset, high conflict disputes. We welcome complex cases and we are committed to the success of our clients — we would be fully prepared to take your case to court if necessary. Call Buckhead Family Law at 404-600-1403 today to schedule an initial consultation.



Melissa and her team are fantastic! She was referred to me by a friend. She handled the paperwork for my divorce quickly and expertly. Her solid reputation was apparent to me when she got signatures and responses from the court very quickly. For such a hard-working lawyer she was always very responsive. When I needed to make specific choices about the settlement (pre-marital property, no children, no co-owned debt), she was very considerate but also got right to the point. She kept the entire process on track; the time from initial complaint to finalization was about three months (depending on your marriage, timeline may vary).


I highly recommend Melissa to represent you in your divorce proceedings. Melissa represented me during my recent divorce. She is incredibly knowledgeable of Georgia State and family law. Melissa always put the needs of my children and family first. She was always prepared to answer questions, financial, custodial, or parental rights related. She is an advocate for children and never once missed a birthday or wellness check. This was incredibly important at a time of extensive duress. I am forever grateful for the outcome she was able to deliver for my family. I felt valued as a client, and most importantly, a person.


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Whether a contested, or non-contested divorce, Buckhead Family Law has the experience and dedication needed to effectively represent you.

Child Custody

We understand the goal of child custody is to reach an agreement that works for you and your children. Our team will work with you to identify your goals and work toward achieving them.

Child Support

Many child support issues require special attention. The team at Buckhead Family Law will devote the time and attention necessary to the issue of child support in your divorce.

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