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Atlanta Divorce & Family Lawyers

Buckhead Family Law provides Metro Atlanta with personalized, experienced legal services. We build aggressive, efficient strategies to protect our clients’ interests during negotiations and win our cases at trial.


Divorce completely restructures your family. We have the experience and attention to detail necessary for you to get the future you deserve.

There are many considerations during even a simple divorce. However, the most contentious tend to be property division, child support and alimony.

Property division is complex. The equitable division laws do not always result in a 50-50 split of marital property during divorce. We help with:

  • Separating marital and personal assets
  • Coordinating forensic accounting
  • Performing investigations
  • Advising on division strategies
  • Dividing businesses, artwork, collections, real estate and other unique items
  • Dividing stock options, retirement plans, mineral rights and other complex assets

Child support is separate from custody. It is more of a financial matter but can be as contentious as other childcare decisions. We believe that you deserve something more precise than the statutory formula in the Georgia Child Support Guidelines — something you can live with for the foreseeable future.

In addition to child support, there are multiple types of potential spousal support payments. However, alimony is not always granted in Georgia divorce cases.

Even if you are exiting a long-term relationship — even if you have been married for decades — do not assume that you must pay (or that you will receive) alimony. We help by:

  • Determining whether your situation could qualify for rehabilitative or permanent alimony, or both.
  • Showing the court how each spouse’s conduct should impact the judge’s decision.
  • Researching, organizing and presenting evidence for all of the factors considered in awarding permanent alimony.

Child Custody

If you have children, your divorce will involve many significant decisions about their futures. Most of these choices fall under the general category of custody, such as:

  • Getting your children the home life they deserve
  • Organizing vacation time
  • Planning long-distance parenting
  • Saving for college
  • Scheduling parenting time

Determining the sharing and division of decision-making responsibilities (about education, social life, religion and so on)

Other Family Law Practice Areas

Family law engages much more than just divorce. We practice in a wide variety of areas:

  • Modifications: Divorce, alimony, custody and child support agreements are final, but not unchangeable. You might be able to secure a modification when facing an unforeseen or unprecedented change in circumstances. Our office also contests modifications.
  • Post- and Prenuptial Agreements: These documents could protect your heirs, set aside assets and much more. We evaluate and draft post- and prenuptial agreements to determine that they are fair, accurate and enforceable.
  • Paternity: The legal identity of a child’s mother is usually obvious. It is not always so for the father. We can help with the administrative side of paternity, take appropriate legal actions to establish a parental relationship and provide a variety of other services in this practice area.

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Melissa and her team are fantastic! She was referred to me by a friend. She handled the paperwork for my divorce quickly and expertly. Her solid reputation was apparent to me when she got signatures and responses from the court very quickly. For such a hard-working lawyer she was always very responsive. When I needed to make specific choices about the settlement (pre-marital property, no children, no co-owned debt), she was very considerate but also got right to the point. She kept the entire process on track; the time from initial complaint to finalization was about three months (depending on your marriage, timeline may vary).


I highly recommend Melissa to represent you in your divorce proceedings. Melissa represented me during my recent divorce. She is incredibly knowledgeable of Georgia State and family law. Melissa always put the needs of my children and family first. She was always prepared to answer questions, financial, custodial, or parental rights related. She is an advocate for children and never once missed a birthday or wellness check. This was incredibly important at a time of extensive duress. I am forever grateful for the outcome she was able to deliver for my family. I felt valued as a client, and most importantly, a person.


Buckhead Family Law Specializes in Family law and represents clients throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.


Whether a contested, or non-contested divorce, Buckhead Family Law has the experience and dedication needed to effectively represent you.

Child Custody

We understand the goal of child custody is to reach an agreement that works for you and your children. Our team will work with you to identify your goals and work toward achieving them.

Child Support

Many child support issues require special attention. The team at Buckhead Family Law will devote the time and attention necessary to the issue of child support in your divorce.

All Family Law Matters

Buckhead Family Law represents clients in all areas of family law. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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