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When it comes to legal issues involving your closest personal relationships, there are few things more anxiety-inducing than receiving an adverse decision from a Georgia family law judge. You may feel both helpless and hopeless after the court enters an order that you believe is erroneous, so it may come as a relief to know that there are options for additional court proceedings. Through the appeals process, you can draw the appellate court’s attention to mistakes by the trial judge that affected the outcome. While the nature of the remedy varies, it is possible to obtain a favorable result by appealing a family law decision.

However, the appeals process in Georgia is even more complex than the proceedings you just endured at trial. At Buckhead Family Law, our lawyers possess the meticulous knowledge and experience necessary to pursue your matter to the appellate level. Please contact our office to consult with a Forsyth County appeals lawyer about the specifics, but a general overview may also be helpful.

Initially, you should realize that an appeal is not a re-hearing of a case, and the appellate process is not meant to address disappointment. Through a family law appeal, the appellant seeking review must prove that the lower court made a mistake in issuing a decision. For instance, the trial judge might have improperly excluded evidence, erred in admitting testimony, or misapplied the law. The most common family law issues that are taken to appeal include:

  • Decisions on child custody and visitation;
  • Child support, especially when the judge deviated from statutory guidelines;
  • Alimony, which may be the subject of appeal by the payor or recipient;
  • Classification of assets as marital or separate;
  • Equitable division of marital property;
  • Relocation requests by a parent with custody; and,
  • Modifications to alimony, child support, and custody and visitation. 

Quick action is critical for many family law appeals, as Georgia appeals rules impose a 30-day filing deadline. Our attorneys at Buckhead Family Law are prepared to advocate on your behalf throughout appellate proceedings, whether you are seeking review or want the lower court’s ruling to stand. Though every case is different, our approach includes:

  • Conducting a review of your case and what transpired in the lower court;
  • Explaining your rights and what to expect through the appeal process;
  • Preserving your grounds for appeal by making objections during the trial;
  • Filing necessary notices and documents to initiate the appeal;
  • Researching legal issues to prepare briefs for the appellate court;
  • Representing you during oral arguments before the appellate judges; and,
  • All other tasks aiming to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you believe errors at the trial level affected your interests in a family law case, time is of the essence to consider your options to appeal the judge’s decision. Our team at Buckhead Family Law is prepared to advocate on your behalf, so please call 470-600-6699 or check us out online to schedule a consultation with a Georgia appeals lawyer.

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