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Parents enjoy certain rights when it comes to minor children, but Georgia law also imposes responsibilities upon them regardless of whether they maintain an intact relationship. As such, whether in divorce proceedings or as part of a paternity case, child support will be a central issue. In general, the nonresidential parent will pay child support to the individual with whom the child lives; however, the details are far more complicated than what a residential arrangement would suggest. Because child support is closely linked with custody and visitation, the potential for disputes is high.

Our team at Buckhead Family Law understands that parents do not approach child support issues with a view to shirk their legal obligations, but rather to ensure fairness in the process. We are here to serve your legal needs, whether you are in the position to pay or receive funds on behalf of your child. Please contact our firm to schedule a case evaluation with a Forsyth County child support lawyer today. Some basics about the relevant state laws may also be informative.

The key Georgia statute on child support includes guidelines for determining the amount, duration, and other details regarding the paying parent’s continuing duties. The approach to calculating child support is one of income sharing, where each parent’s income is considered. Besides your salary or wages, a court will review income from investments, operating a business, commissions, unemployment, Social Security, and many other sources.

However, a court has the power to deviate from the guidelines to account for the personal circumstances of the parents and best interests of the child. In making a child support higher or lower than the statutory calculations, a judge may assess:

  • Health insurance;
  • Alimony being received or paid by each parent;
  • The schedule for parenting time;
  • The child’s unique medical or educational needs; and,
  • Other relevant factors.

Many parents are able to reach an agreement on child support; the court will likely not disturb it if it complies with the law and meets the child’s best interests. Still, to determine whether the arrangement is fair and appropriate, it is essential to understand where you stand. The Buckhead Family Law team can explain the statutory guidelines, so you can make informed decisions about an agreement for child support.

When parents are unable to agree, the judge will conduct a hearing regarding the details. Our Forsyth County child support attorneys will represent you in connection with the proceedings, tackling such important tasks as:

  • Collecting evidence;
  • Developing strategy;
  • Preparing exhibits;
  • Questioning and cross-examining witnesses; and,
  • Other efforts to promote your position on child support.

To learn more about how the laws apply to your unique circumstances, please call Buckhead Family Law at 470-600-6699 or visit us online. We can set up a consultation with a Georgia child support attorney who can assess your circumstances and advise you on what to expect through the legal process.

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