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The final decree in a Georgia divorce case is an important one, as it sets forth the financial arrangements between the parties and establishes details regarding child custody, visitation, and support. However, while viewed as permanent for purposes of dissolving the marriage, many factors contained within the decree are subject to modification. State laws anticipate that the lives of the parties and the needs of children will change over time, making the court’s order impractical or inappropriate. As such, Georgia has established a process for modifying certain issues, so you can bring them more in alignment with your current reality.

However, the relevant statutes and court procedural rules regarding modification are extremely complicated. You put your rights at risk by attempting to handle the proceedings yourself, so trust our team at Buckhead Family Law for assistance. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with a Forsyth County modifications lawyer who can advise you on the details. An overview of the process may also be helpful.

Even after entry of a final order in a family law case, it is expected that changes to personal circumstances, employment, and other factors will impact the parties’ over the years. However, a court order is binding and legal duties do not change with life’s contingencies. Instead, one party must go through the proper process for modification by filing a petition, along with allegations on a substantial change in circumstances.

It is possible to seek adjustments to alimony, child custody, and visitation, as well as modification to child support obligations. Some of the most common grounds for modifications include:

  • An increase or decrease in income;
  • Remarriage or cohabitation by a party receiving alimony;
  • An injury, illness, or other disabling medical condition;
  • Changes to employment or family situations that may require relocation;
  • The presence of violence, substance abuse, or criminal activity; or,
  • A change in the child’s health or well-being. 

How a Forsyth County Modifications Attorney Can Help

Though Georgia family laws anticipate that changes in circumstances will occur, the bar is relatively high for modifying a court order. It is possible to agree on adjustments, though the court will still closely analyze any arrangements that impact the child’s best interests. If you cannot compromise, the parties must attend a court hearing on the matter. Our Buckhead Family Law team will be at your side throughout the process, assisting with:

  • Filing or responding to a petition for modification;
  • Negotiating and drafting an agreement;
  • Collecting evidence to support your position in favor of modification OR fighting it; and,
  • Representing you in court at a contested hearing on modifications.

Discuss Your Rights with Our Forsyth County Modifications Lawyers

This summary demonstrates the complexities involved with modifying a court’s order on alimony, child custody, visitation, and support. Fortunately, you can count on Buckhead Family Law for help with the process and legal proceedings. For additional details, please call 470-600-6699 or visit our website to set up a consultation with a skilled Georgia modifications attorney.

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