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Is January Really “Divorce Month”?


For many years, January has had a bit of a reputation for being “divorce month” for some people. At Buckhead Family Law, we know there are some merits to that label, as January is the month where a higher percentage of people do indeed file for divorce.

If you are looking to file for divorce in Georgia, you may choose to finish out the year and wait until January like so many others, or you may want to file now. There is truly no “right” time to file for divorce. You just have to listen to your own instincts and determine what is right for you and your family.

Are the Holidays to Blame for Divorce Month?

Some people attribute the increase in divorce filings in January to the fact that the holidays have just passed, and their relationship didn’t seem to get better. There is a certain amount of magic and wonder surrounding the holiday season, and some couples do reignite that spark or find ways to work through their issues during that time, according to Psychology Today.

For others, all the hustle, bustle, and merriment only make it increasingly apparent that their problems aren’t going to go away even during “the happiest time of the year,” so it’s time to start the new year with a clean slate.

It Could Just Be A Backlog

Some couples are able to take the emotion out of the equation. Another reason many couples decide to file in January is simply because they don’t want to file for divorce during the holidays, which is why the divorce rate slows down in November and December, according to The New York Times. It is essentially a backlog of divorces that just got put on hold until the new year.

Part of It Relates to Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can truly bring about life-changing decisions. And while there aren’t many people who actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, if anyone wants to get their lives back on track, find happiness, or simply pursue a dream, filing for divorce may seem like a logical first step to make this all happen.

January is the time of the year when people are still motivated to fulfill their resolutions, so there may be an increase in divorce filings because more people are actually motivated to file. Sometimes, couples will be living apart for months and end up filing in January because they just want to get their lives in order for the new year.

It could also be that one party has made the resolution to get a new job or find a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and they think that staying married will hinder that in some way.

Taxes Loom

Another reason people file for divorce in January is that tax season is coming up, and they don’t want to file jointly anymore, for any number of reasons. Many times, divorcees have gotten legal advice from their attorney recommending that they divorce before taxes because of some sort of tax benefit that will come their way.

Need A Divorce Lawyer in Georgia? We Can Help!

If you are looking to get divorced in Georgia, divorce month or not, our team of lawyers is here for you.

At Buckhead Family Law, our experienced legal team is here to present you with your most beneficial legal options and help you to move on with your life quickly while still getting what you justly deserve. We are here to assist you as you begin the next chapter of your life. Schedule a consultation today by calling at 404-600-1403.

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