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Often, when people hear the term “family law”, they automatically think of divorce. While it is true that divorce is an important aspect of family law, it is by no means the only one. In fact, family law covers a wide range of legal matters, including everything from pre and postnuptial agreements to paternity. The one thing that most family law issues have in common is that they tend to involve matters that are potentially sensitive or have a significant impact on someone’s personal life. With a decade of experience, our Johns Creek family lawyers are well-versed in the complex emotional aspects that so often accompany family law matters and are dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients.

For help with one or more of these issues, please reach out to a member of our Johns Creek legal team today.

Many family law matters stem from divorce. Child custody, child support, alimony, and property division-related issues, for instance, must all often be addressed when a couple ends a marriage. Pre and postnuptial agreements could even come into play if the parties entered into this type of agreement before or after marriage.

When uncontested, divorce tends to be a bit less complicated, as the majority of decision making will be left in the hands of the parents. Contested divorces, on the other hand, often prove more difficult. This is because in these cases, the parties are unable to agree on one or more of these issues and so will need to litigate the issues in court. Whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, you should consider retaining an attorney who can help you reach the best possible resolution.

Judges recognize that a family’s circumstances won’t remain the same forever. For this reason, those who have undergone a significant life change can attempt to modify an existing family law agreement. Some families, for instance, realize that they need to change a custody plan because their children are older and have different needs, while in other cases, those who have lost their jobs are unable to continue paying spousal maintenance. Individuals who are seeking this kind of modification will, however, need to meet strict standards, so if you are seeking or opposing a family law-related modification, you should speak to an attorney before moving forward.

Some of the most contentious issues that arise in divorce involve how marital assets will be divided. Fortunately, couples can avoid this by entering into a pre or postnuptial agreement that addresses issues like marital assets, responsibility for debts, and alimony. Call our office today to learn more about how this kind of agreement could enhance the security of your own marriage.

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