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Special Financial Considerations In Divorce When Wife Is Primary Earner

Society has is constantly evolving and has changed quite a bit over the years, reaching a point where some families have women who are the primary breadwinners. The men in these relationships either stay home with the kids, or have jobs of their own, but don’t make anywhere near the amount of money that their wives do. As you can imagine, this can lead to some power relationship imbalances and other issues that can result in divorce.

So, what happens during a Georgia divorce when the woman has a higher earning power than her spouse? At Buckhead Family Law, we are conscious of the financial considerations that are crucial to keep in mind when going through a divorce.

The Social Factor

Even though society is beginning to change, the attitudes toward women being the primary breadwinners have been slow to adapt. Men are still seen as the primary head of household in most relationships, bringing in most of the money to support the household. Switching this around to the point where men are the ones staying home with the kids or the women are the primary earners, even if their spouses have a full-time job, can be tough for society to accept. There are still outsiders looking in and judging what they perceive to be differences in lifestyles that they don’t condone.

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Effects of Earning Discrepancies on Relationships

Unfortunately, even though society has started to view marriages where the wife earns the money as the norm, this hasn’t happened fast enough. Add in the fact that the husband in these relationships can begin to feel emasculated, due to these social norms, and you have a situation where divorce can become imminent. The power imbalances can quickly become too much for those who haven’t adapted to this different way of living, leading to two spouses who quickly become at odds with each other.

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Splitting Custody and Finances During a Divorce

In most cases, men are still perceived as the primary breadwinners in a relationship. This is usually assumed in most Georgia divorce cases, until it’s proven that the woman in the marriage is the one who is actually paying the bills and supporting the family. The discrepancies that this leads to legally can change the outcome in a divorce case. However, there are still laws to follow when dividing up marital assets and property.

The financial considerations involved in a divorce regardless of whether the wife is the primary breadwinner or not, require agreements on how to split any property owned by the former couple, including real estate, investment items, and other things. In addition, spousal support may be granted to the husband if he is the one who stayed home with the kids. It all depends on many different factors.

Need a Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer in Georgia to Help When You Have the Earning Power?

Wondering how a divorce settlement can be reached when the wife is the primary breadwinner? Want to ensure that the splitting of marital property is done fairly, even if the stay-at-home spouse is the husband?

At Buckhead Family Law, our legal team works diligently to meet the needs of clients getting divorced in today’s tech driven world – this means taking everything online into consideration. One thing that hasn’t changed about divorce? It is still one of the most harrowing experiences someone can go through, and we understand that. That is why we always treat our clients with grace and compassion.

Need help? We are here to assist you as you begin the next chapter of your life while ensuring that all of the loose ends are tied up in the least complicated way. Schedule a consultation today by calling 404-600-1403.

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