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The Tech Savvy Single Parent: Best Apps on the Market to Help with Divorce and Custody

Technology has improved so many fundamental aspects of our lives, and now, it also serves as a support tool for those navigating divorce and custody in Atlanta. How you ask? In recent years, our tech development teams have created some of the absolute best divorce and custody apps to help divorced parents find their way down the long, winding road of separation and divorce. At Buckhead Family Law, we understand your life is in a constant state of change as your take the helm of your divorce and try to stay active in your child’s life. These simple apps can help manage your custody schedule, streamline your life, and simplify the chaos that every divorced parent endures. These are not just apps that help you to navigate the rough custody waters or talk to your children in a way they can understand – these are game changers! Did you know there are actually apps that will help you stay calm, keep detailed records, and simply find your “happy place” again?

We are just as excited about these as you should be. Here are some of our favorites:

Our Family Wizard

We recommend Our Family Wizard to everyone who is trying to systematically navigate custody in Atlanta in ways that are both productive and fulfilling. It is one of the best divorce and custody apps because it keeps everyone on the same page, literally and figuratively. When we say everyone, we mean grandparents, legal professionals, teachers, parents, and older children alike. On this app, everyone can sync together, so schedules are easier to manage, communication is tracked, and payments can even be delivered and received.


Cozi is both a website and mobile app, so everyone can use it, even those who do not have smartphone access. It is intended to help families stay organized and keep communication civil. It is a premium option for those who have older children with access to their own smartphones. It has features that allow multiple family members to manage schedules through one account, which can be extremely helpful when there are after school activities, appointments, and family events. Everyone will also have access to shopping and to-do lists. It’s a one-stop-shop for divorced, on-the-go-families.


If someone in your custody agreement needs to pay child support, one of the best divorce and custody apps to download is SupportPay. Why? SupportPay allows parents to track payments, manage spending, and share expenses quickly and easily. It is a fully transparent way to ensure that expenses are shared equally (or however you child support worksheet designates) and that everyone pays in a timely fashion. Even better, you can use it as a record in custody discussions.

Similar App Alternative: Mint


Having trouble staying connected with your co- parent? At Buckhead Family Law, we see it all the time- it’s actually pretty common! 2Houses helps to facilitate conversations and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It has an amazing, user-friendly calendar feature that is perfect for those living life “on-the-go.” And let’s face it – with kids, what family isn’t?

The payment management feature is also a “must have” option – as you can quickly see when and where payments are going.

Everything with 2Houses is set up like a social media network, so there isn’t any pressure! If you need a more visual approach to managing custody in Atlanta, 2Houses is one of the best divorce and custody apps.

Alternatives: Two Happy Homes


Divorce is tough on parents too! Need to take some time for yourself or guide yourself through this hard time? Consider using the Mend app. Every day, it will send you some therapeutic resources to begin healing your emotional wounds and be more present in the moment. With a little help from this app, you can step up your self-care game, be present for your children, and even help your partner heal and move on. At Buckhead Family Law we believe in Life Forward and this is really a great way to improve upon yourself in just a few short minutes a day.


Similar App Alternative:  Calm

These are just a few of our favorites, but of course, there are some extremely useful apps for managing your custody schedule and arrangements already built into your smartphone. Google Calendar is extremely helpful to organize all activities by color, and you can even include your work commitments as well. You can also screenshot your text messages to save them if something happens and you need to reference what was said. Like we said, technology can really be a helpful support pillar for all those busy, tech savvy single parents out there.

Need Help Managing Custody Litigation in Atlanta?

If you need to reevaluate your child custody agreement in Atlanta or you are just embarking upon your divorce and child custody journey, remember, you are not alone! This can be a confusing time in your life, but professional help is available. The Atlanta child custody lawyers at Buckhead Family Law are here to assist you with your case and help this be a positive turning point for your family. Schedule a consultation by calling at 404-600-1403.

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