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Tips For a Safe and Happy Halloween – 2020


Halloween celebrations are certainly looking different this year, especially for children. Many beloved fall festivities have been canceled and the CDC has strongly advised against trick-or-treating, leaving many parents unsure of how to provide a safe and fun Halloween for their kids at a time when they need it most. Even though trick-or-treating may be canceled, there are still plenty of alternative ways for your family to make the most out of Halloween while staying safe and creating memories!

Five fun trick-or-treat alternatives

  • A virtual costume contest or party can be as simple as taking a few photos or setting up a Zoom meeting! Have everyone show off their costumes and designate a judge to award winners in various fun categories. While small e-gift cards make great prizes for winners, nothing beats bragging rights!
  • Grab a few pumpkins and let your creativity run wild! Pumpkin carving and decorating is a great Halloween activity that can be enjoyed at home, or with a small group of others in a socially distant outdoor setting.
  • Pick out some kid-friendly Halloween treats and have some fun in the kitchen! Don’t be afraid to be adventurous by trying out new recipes, it is Halloween after all. Make extra goodies for treat bags and drop them off with loved ones so that they can enjoy some Halloween happiness too!
  • Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?! A Halloween-themed scavenger hunt is a great way to have some fun while encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Scavenger hunts can be as simple as making a checklist of neighborhood decorations to locate on a walk or can include more complicated clues that lead children to various locations around the home. Make sure to tailor the details of your scavenger hunt to be specific to your space and age-appropriate to your children.
  • You can never go wrong with movies and snacks! Pick out a few Halloween movies, grab your favorite snacks, and have a movie marathon. If the weather is nice, try moving your movie night outside and inviting a few loved ones over to enjoy it with you from a safe distance.

Additional tips for a safe and happy Halloween

If you’re planning to be out and about this Halloween, make sure to take additional safety precautions:

  • Avoid large crowds and maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others at all times
  • If you will be in contact with others, wear a face covering (Halloween masks don’t count)
  • Keep plenty of sanitizer handy, and make sure to wash hands frequently
  • Use reflective tape or glow sticks to make costumes more visible
  • If you’re driving, make sure to turn on headlights early and exercise extra caution
  • If you’re walking, stay on sidewalks and only cross streets at crosswalks and corners
  • Practice fire safety if you’re going to be near any open flames
  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times

It’s important to remember that kids are experiencing the pandemic too. They are missing out on so much of their “normal life” and are being stressed in new ways just like the rest of us. When your children look back on this time as they grow older, they won’t be worried about the candy they missed out on, they will be grateful for the fun Halloween memories you created together.

From all of us at Buckhead Family Law, we’re wishing your family a safe and happy Halloween!

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