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Tired of Your Kids Staring at Screens? How to Keep Kids Social in the New World of Social Distancing


This new norm is tough. One of the most challenging uphill battles that parents are currently struggling with is figuring how to keep kids social with social distancing restrictions. It can be really tough, and more kids of all ages have taken to staring at their screens instead of connecting with others because face-to-face interaction is so limited. Unfortunately, increased screen time can be a horrible habit (and a tough one to break), especially for those who are navigating joint custody at the same time. At Buckhead Family Law, we understand that you only get so much time with your kids, and that precious time feels like it is stolen when they won’t look up from their phones or tablets.

So how can you keep kids social with social distancing restrictions? Thankfully, we have a few tips you can try on for size:

Get Started on A Sport

There’s no time like the present! Now is a great time to encourage your child to stay physically active by getting them interested in a sport. Go outside and teach them how to throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball. Ping pong, anyone? Learn a yoga flow that you can do together every morning. Even going on family walks is a great way to pry them away from their screens and get back to being social (and enjoy a little nature along the way).

What about those rainy days? You have plenty of resources online (Yes, some screen use is okay!) to show them some of the greats of all time. Trying to encourage your child to take on gymnastics? Look up some old Simon Biles vaults. How about football? Show them a supercut of the best Super Bowl moments. It’s all about bridging the gap and piquing their interest, so they forget about their iPad for a moment or two.

Organize Distanced Playdates

For those who are younger, keeping kids social with social distancing restrictions can prove quite difficult. While you can absolutely play with them, it just isn’t the same as seeing other little people their age. Even if they can’t communicate this to you, they miss the interaction. They need someone who will play with them on their own level and speak their language. To help with this, you can organize some socially distanced playdates. What does this entail? Be creative. There are plenty of activities kids can do with without getting too close to each other.

Buy some water shooters and have them run around and spray each other. As long as they keep their distance and don’t trade shooters, they will be fine. Think of activities that require little to no contact but still encourage social interaction. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider creating a pod (a small social network, who have agreed to limit their in-person social activities only to each other).

While that may be more difficult to do with joint custody, if you and your child’s parent live in close proximity to each other, you can form a social distancing pod with some of their friends.

Check Out What Your Local Library Is Offering

Libraries have been doing a lot of the hard work to bring fun learning activities to bored children across the nation. While you may not be able to find as many in-person activities, many libraries are printing out packets and giving parents amazing, interactive ideas for activities they can try at home with their kids.

You can even search online to see what library offerings are available in your area – the Atlanta public library has resources for both kids and teens.

Ramp Up Family Activities

If you are sharing joint custody in Atlanta, family time is more important than ever. When you have your kids with you, you should try to spend as much time as possible with them. Right now, we are being given the opportunity to really be present with our kids, form lasting relationships, and create fun memories that they will cherish down the road.

So, don’t wait until you have your kids to plan – think ahead and don’t waste a moment! As soon as they arrive, have a plan, and get moving. Take them to a drive-thru zoo, make ice cream sundaes, pack a picnic and hike that local trail, or whatever sounds fun.

Everyone is going through a trying time right now, especially those trying to navigate keeping kids social with social distancing restrictions and joint custody in Atlanta. Luckily, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. At Buckhead Family Law, our experienced legal team can help you build a custody agreement that works for your family and ensures you remain an active part of your child’s life. The Atlanta child custody lawyers at Buckhead Family Law are here to assist you with your case and help this be a positive turning point for your family. Schedule a consultation by calling at 404-600-1403.

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