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When 50/50 Custody Works And Doesn’t Work


Custody arrangements for the kids are one of the most contentious parts of any divorce. If you’re going through a high-asset divorce, then, on top of dividing the marital finances, you also need to make sure that both parents share time with the children in a manner that works best for everyone involved.

Although shared custody can consist of anything from one parent having sole custody and several other options in between, splitting time with the kids 50/50 is one common option. At Buckhead Family Law, we know there are some pros and cons of this type of arrangement.

When 50/50 Custody Works

Also known as joint physical custody, splitting time with the kids 50/50 can be done in a number of ways. For example, one parent may have the children for one full week, while the other parent has them the next week. The setup can also be on a two-week basis (each parent has the children with them for two whole weeks before switching) or whatever else works best.

Why would parents going through a complex financial divorce choose this type of custody? Here are some of the ways in which it works well:

  • It’s Good for the Kids – Studies have shown that 50/50 custody can be healthy for the children because they get to spend a solid amount of time with both parents. Unlike other forms of custody which have one parent spending most of their time with a child, this allows for equal parenting time, making the kids understand that they have two homes and equal access to their parents.
  • The Parents Need to Get Along – Sometimes in a contesting high-asset divorce, the parents end up getting along so acrimoniously that it ends up damaging their relationships with each other and with their children. In order for 50/50 custody to work, both parents need to be cordial with each other and get along. 50/50 custody arrangements can require a significant amount of coordination between both homes, which can be hard if the parents are not committed to co-parenting. This provides a good example for the children as well.
  • Both Parents Get a Break – There’s nothing wrong with needing a break from parenting, especially after a divorce when you’re left picking up the pieces. With a 50/50 custody plan, each parent gets some time to regroup and refocus before seeing the children again.


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When 50/50 Custody Doesn’t Work

Of course, sometimes 50/50 or joint custody isn’t the best option. There are a number of circumstances in which this type of custody sharing doesn’t quite work out. Looking for some examples? Here are some of the reasons why joint physical custody may not be best for your children.

The Parents Might Live Far Away From Each Other – If one parent has settled in a city, while the other chooses to live in a country setting, around an hour or more apart from the other, then 50/50 custody simply doesn’t work. The travel times are too much, and the kids simply cannot commute that far on a regular basis for school and their extracurricular activities.

  • One of the Children is an Infant – Infants may need more regular and frequent contact with both parents. In order to keep the child on a schedule, as well as eating and sleeping properly, one parent may need primary custody, at least until the child has gotten older.
  • The Parents Struggle to Be Around Each Other – Since 50/50 custody requires both parents to manage the drop off and pick up, it can be tough for two former spouses who simply can’t along. In this case, it’s best for the kids to have one primary parent with a longer custody period.

Looking For a Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer in Georgia?

Trying to determine the best type of custody for your children? Want to work things out smoothly with your soon-to-be former spouse as a part of your complex financial divorce?  Finding a divorce lawyer in Georgie who can help you reach an agreement that makes everyone happy, while keeping the children’s best interest in mind is your best option.

At Buckhead Family Law, our legal team works diligently to meet the needs of clients getting divorced in today’s tech driven world – this means taking everything online into consideration. One thing that hasn’t changed about divorce? It is still one of the most harrowing experiences someone can go through, and we understand that. That is why we always treat our clients with grace and compassion.

Need help? We are here to assist you as you begin the next chapter of your life while ensuring that all of the loose ends are tied up in the least complicated way. Schedule a consultation today by calling at 404-600-1403.


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